Large format digital printing

Wide format printing - large format printing service to internal and external advertising.

We produce a variety of formats, banners, posters, tents, stickers, signs and advertising on vehicles, photo wallpapers, images, flags.

We print on the following materials: white, transparent, matte or glossy adhesive film, glossy or matte paper, tilt fabric of flag fabric, perforated films, textiles, canvas, wallpaper, plastic and backlit and other materials.

We work with professional equipment, which allows to produce high quality products.

Printing width of -1.60 m., Length-unlimited.

Production capacity up to 500 square meters per day.

The main advantages are:

  • High print quality (up to 1440dpi)
  • Resistance to moisture and sun
  • Unlimited product sizes
  • Neutral and harmless to the environment and human breath.

We offer our clients full service, ie where layouts, print, deliver, assemble.